EMGE Conference

Looking Good On Paper

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

02 November 2018



Martin Glass

Mr Martin Glass

Company: EMGE & Co.

Topic: Office Papers

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Mr Marcel Jacobs

Company: CIRCL8 (previously at Royal Philips, until end-Aug’18)

Topic: Responsible Procurement of Office Papers

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Mr Jeroen van Druenen

Company: Jubels

Topic: Print Is Alive!

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Mr Andreas Weber

Company: Value Communication


– Transformation of print and paper for the digital age
– Success factors to address new market opportunities
– Guidelines for manufactures/suppliers to hit customer demand in a proper way

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Mr Eef De Ridder

Company: Ricoh Europe


– Intro: Ricoh & Graphic Art
– Market Trends in Digital Printing
– State of the Art: Digital Printing Ink Jet Technology, a holistic approach
– Ricoh Ink Jet customers: their applications and business
– How does Ricoh see the market for IJ paper evolve between now and Drupa 2020?

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Mr Wilco Hendriks

Company: Rabobank

Topic: International Business China

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Mr Manuel Sosa-Skrainka

Company: Hewlett Packard (HP)

Topic: Our Sustainability Transformation and Impact on the Paper Industry

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Mr Wanyan Shaohua

Company: Royal Golden Eagle International

Topic: China Waste Paper Import Ban and Impact on Pulp & Paper

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Mr Berry Wiersum

Company: Sappi Europe

Topic: Pulp Costs and Other Issues for Papermakers

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