‘A premier event in its field, providing a unique meeting place for the Office & Digital Printing Paper Industry’


Biennially, EMGE & Co. Ltd organises the EMGE Office & Digital Printing Papers Conference. Building on the success of the previous conference, we are creating a one-day networking seminar as an interim to the office papers conference.

This seminar focuses on bringing buyers and sellers together, around a programme of three presentations only (including an extended EMGE forecasts presentation, as well as views from a global corporate paper buyer), but with more time dedicated to Q&A, open forum discussions and of course, valuable NETWORKING TIME!


Welcome & Introduction
Buyer Presentations
Networking with coffee/tea
Q&A and Room Discussion
An Inspiring Speaker
Networking with coffee/tea
EMGE Forecast Presentation
Cocktail Event

The EMGE Office & Digital Printing Papers Seminar is designed to stimulate debate and extend management thinking on issues confronting the business community.

This event offers a valuable networking opportunity to meet decision-makers from around the world.

According to the last EMGE conference, our EMGE event was voted as 60% ‘better’ than other industry events and the networking was voted 4.6 out 5… In fact, when asked "What did you find particularly useful?", "networking" was listed as number 1.

These office paper events attract attendees from across the paper supply chain. Delegates to the Seminar will include leading representatives from the following areas:

  • Papermakers
  • Merchants, distributors and office supply specialists
  • Office equipment and printer manufacturers and technologists
  • Suppliers of machinery, pulp, minerals, chemicals and finance
  • Industry consultants and leading analysts in the sector.
The event provides a forum for networking, to meet new and existing contacts to help establish and maintain vital business relationships.

If you would like to participate to this year's Seminar, please contact us (see below).

Mr Iwan Le Moine – iwan@emge.com
Mrs Elizabeth Gabriel-Heath – egabriel@emge.com