'Monthly intelligence on the Cutsize Paper Markets'    


This unique monthly service provides you with a fast and current view of how Europe's Cutsize uncoated woodfree paper markets are moving, which includes the EMGE Cut Size Index - our unique indicator of market conditions for the European office paper sector.

EMGE conducts monthly interviews with European merchants, mills and other industry contacts to provide the very latest data and information on movements in the Cutsize uncoated woodfree paper  market, covering both Western and Eastern Europe.  

EMGE publishes the results into a simple set of easy-to-use charts and tables :  

- Demand by country

- Imports by source

- Exports by destination
- Short Term Business Outlook (Sentiment)
- Paper Prices

- Delivery / Lead Times
- Mill Capacity
- Operating Ratios

- Mill Inventories

- Merchant Inventories

Including the unique "EMGE Cutsize Market Indicator"

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The reports are delivered in electronic (PDF) format
and by post (printed copy).

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