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EMGE & Co specialise in market research and forecasting within the Paper Industry. We are an independent firm that is not part of a larger group or organisation. Our income is solely from consultancy and market research, and we do not rely on advertising, commission fees, or other side-income.

EMGE & Co focus solely on the Paper Industry, meaning that we collect all available information directly and indirectly related to this sector. Our databases cover almost every aspect of the paper market, industry demand, trade, supply, production, price etc.

We have access to extensive data sources which cover published information from national and international bodies (e.g. EU), industry associations, trade publications, individual companies etc., as well as specific information shared by our extensive network of industry contacts. To obtain additional detail and knowledge we regularly perform our own surveys and use market research techniques to assess market sizes, trends etc.

EMGE & Co take great care and go to enormous lengths to understand the differences between various data, the sources and their classifications. We have been working on this for over 25 years, and continually strive to improve the reliability of data and expand the detail of the classifications.

The forecasts we provide are our own, based on sophisticated models developed internally within EMGE. The assumptions behind the forecasts are carefully and thoroughly explained in our reports.

Our aim with the forecast reports is to help our clients assess the market risks and plan their business in the paper industry. Therefore, as well as specific forecasts, we develop and publish prediction scenarios and discuss alternative viewpoints in the reports, in order to help our clients succeed in a risky and highly dynamic marketplace.

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