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Here are some comments from our customers:

‘Having received EMGE’s World Graphic Papers report and monthly updates for a couple of months now, we’re very happy with the data we get from you. It provides us with an excellent overview of what’s going on in the industry. I’m looking forward to the next issue!’ – Financial Analyst, Sweden

‘Your summary is perfect (as always) and we cannot give comments to make it any better.’ – Managing Director, Large Paper Company, Finland

‘I really appreciate you getting back to me when you said you would. I like working with people like that.’ – Marketing Manager, Large Paper Company, USA

‘I would like to congratulate all of you for a job well done. The effort put into this project by you exceeded by far our expectations, knowing however that they were already very high due to our previous experience. Not only was the project completed well ahead of schedule, but the quality of the data seems very good…  which of course could only mean that the team behind this was very professional. The promptness of your staff to accommodate all our needs and requests was exemplary.’ –Marketing Manager, Large Paper Company, Iberia

‘You do a top-notch job, and I do appreciate the extra effort you make for your clients’ – Senior Economist, Industry Association

‘Many thanks for the interesting reports I have been privileged to receive during many years’ – Manager, Large Paper Company, Europe

‘Just as an example, our Commercial Director, asked me about the European Coated Woodfree shipments. He would like to know if it was slowing down. What was the impact of the dollar
devaluation against the Euro? etc… I was lucky, because I had just received your report.’
‘I would like to congratulate you and your team for the success of the 6th office paper conference.’ – Marketing Specialist, Large Pulp Company, Brazil

‘Thank you for sending us a copy of Positively Newsprint. I think that this type of newsletter is extremely valuable and helps to keep us informed about market changes and prices.’ – Manager, Large Paper Mill, Europe

‘I turn to EMGE because your information is the best in the market.’ – Consultant, Sweden

‘Your WGP is good and the supplements are welcome also.’ – Market Information Manager, Large Paper Company, Finland

‘Thanks for your great products & incredible level of support.’ – Marketing Manager, Global Pulp & Paper Company

Martin Glass has just published the 5 year global World Graphic Paper forecast. We think he is one of the very best consultants in the area.’ – Financial Analyst, Sweden

‘As a former CCO of a leading paper group, EMGE was an important source for our market research with an excellent database for the graphical paper markets.’ – Former CCO, Europe

‘I would like to express my gratitude for the quick and excellent service you have provided throughout the time.’ – Financial Analyst, Sweden

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